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The Breed Is Funkin' Bb Instruments Instrument

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Composer: Weniger, Peter
Instrument: melody instruments in Bb (clarinet, trumpet, tenor saxophone/soprano saxophone)
Publisher: advance music GmbH

Song List:
The Breed Is Funkin' - French Affair - Paradizer - Half-Life - The Zigg-Zagg - Poem Of A Bird - Speedworld - Just Skufflin' - Castro-Pope - Scrootch - We Are Like That

This CD (including music booklet) has not especially been worked out for the use in musical education. It is, on the contrary, an audio CD which has been recorded for sale as a trio CD under my name. Mixing the recordings at the studio, however, gave us the idea to offer this CD Legal Paradizer also as a play along CD. For this reason I have never taken a pedagogic approach to the musical conception of the pieces performed, which, in my opinion, is exactly what makes these recordings so unique. The structure of none of the pieces is, for instance, as simple as that of the tunes on some other play along CDs. Therefore, I have taken the liberty of adding a short explanation and/or comment on every piece meant to make it easier for you to follow the road map of the tunes. Additionally I have explained some stylistic features to help you interprete the individual pieces. Working with my students has shown me how much fun it can be to also offer groove and funk oriented music on a CD to play along. In most of the pieces you do not necessarily have to follow the changes; you should rather develop simple ideas in time. A real strong emphasis is here placed on the term groove.
Language: English - German - French
Pages: 48
Weight(g): 290
ISMN: 9790206304507
ISBN: 9783892211631
UPC: 805095148213