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Hot Violin 1 20 Easy Pop Pieces in 1st position

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Composer: Koeppen, Gabriel
Instrument: violin and piano
Publisher: Schott Music

Song List:
One-Finger-Rock - Blue Waltz - The Cello Fiddler - Julia's Dream - Assembly Line Boogie - Wearing Socks - The Little Tuba Player - Longing - Melancholy - Easy Rag - Rainy City Blues - Country Waltz - Cross-country Boogie - Easy Love - Up and Down - A Pleasant Ride - The Eagle - Syncopation Fever - Slide Blues - Swingin' Strings

Inject some fun into your music lessons with Hot Violin. It contains a wide variety of pieces from blues, jazz, rock and pop music.This book is suitable for beginners and is intended for lessons and first performances. The pupils are carefully introduced to technical and musical themes, starting with several one-finger pieces before playfully working on the first-position fingerings.Additional parts are available for download free of charge. Thus, various Descriptions are possible: with piano accompaniment, with CD, with the accompaniment of the teacher of other pupils, or, thanks to the notated chord symbols, even with band.
Pages: 52
Weight(g): 230
ISMN: 9790001163491
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