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Duöli 24 small duets for two or more violins

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Composer: Holliger, Heinz
Instrument: 2 violins (ad libitum also violin and viola)
Publisher: Schott Music

Song List:
Right, let's get started - The same in a slightly stranger version - Not too fast, but always striving forward - Red Indian dance - Catch me if you can - Why are you so sad - Giant bow - Two Lego bricks which don't fit together - Musical droplets - Two toucans having an argument - Game of ladders - Canon for two (or three) (young) rapscallions - SpiegeleiI - Spiegelei II - 2 alpenhorns-somewhat wistfully - Ceremonious song with peals of bells - Three geese in the straw - The three (or actually four) geese in a slightly different version - Whispering piece - Whistling song - Christmas Carol I - Christmas Carol II - Caterwauling at full moon (to be played and sung) - Birdsong concert

Heinz Holliger originally composed these 24 duos for his granddaughter Annina.Without a moralizing undertone, Duöli imparts all techniques and sounds of contemporary music and sends the young violinists on a pleasant expedition full of sonorous adventures. The pieces of different levels of difficulty are suitable for all age categories of 'Jugend musiziert', and even adult soloists will find rewarding encore pieces in this collection.
Pages: 52
Weight(g): 220
ISMN: 9790001179522