Yume I-IV op. 41a 胡麥爾.貝托爾德 長笛獨奏 跳至内容

Yume I-IV op. 41a 胡麥爾.貝托爾德 長笛獨奏

$1,500TWD - $1,500TWD
$1,500TWD - $1,500TWD
作曲家: Hummel, Bertold
樂器: flute solo and flute sounds
出版社: advance music GmbH
An amazing 4-movement composition for solo flute (piccolo, C flute, alto flute) and flute sounds. The performance CD contains manipulated flute sounds and a complete listening version. Winner of the newly-published music competition 1996
頁數: 36
重量(g): 150
ISMN: 9790206302091
ISBN: 9783892212898
UPC: 805095085013