Violin Concerto 魏德曼 小提琴協奏曲 小提琴加鋼琴 朔特版 跳至内容

Violin Concerto 魏德曼 小提琴協奏曲 小提琴加鋼琴 朔特版

$2,700TWD - $2,700TWD
$2,700TWD - $2,700TWD
作曲家: Widmann, Joerg
樂器: violin and orchestra
出版社: Schott Music
Jörg Widmann treats the violon at first as a vocal instrument, just in the tradition of the great violin concertos of the 19th century through to Alban Berg. But from the cantabile lines, often written 'sul tasto' and 'flautando', emerges again and again a virtuosity which is just as important to the genre and which, based on contemporary playing techniques, causes enticing problems for every player. As the orchestra is reduced to a demanding, yet rather accompanying function during the almost 30 minutes' duration, the piano reduction, already tried in Hamburg by the world premiere performer Christian Tetzlaff with Jörg Widmann on the piano, offers more than ever an opportunity for concert performances off the major stages.
頁數: 96
重量(g): 370
ISMN: 9790001170406