Toccatas BWV 910-916 with early versions of BWV 912 and 913 and orname

Toccatas BWV 910-916 with early versions of BWV 912 and 913 and ornamented version of BWV 916. Edited from the sources 巴赫約翰‧瑟巴斯提安 觸技曲 鋼琴獨奏 維也納原典版

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作曲家: Bach, Johann Sebastian
編者: Eisert, Christian
校訂者: Hill, Robert
樂器: piano
出版社: Wiener Urtext Edition

Toccata fis-Moll BWV 910 - Toccata c-Moll BWV 911 - Toccata D-Dur BWV 912 - Toccata (Frühfassung) D-Dur BWV 912a - Toccata d-Moll BWV 913 -Toccata (Frühfassung) d-Moll BWV 913a - Toccata e-Moll BWV 914 -Toccata g-Moll BWV 915 - Toccata G-Dur BWV 916 - Toccata (verzierte Fassung) G-Dur BWV 916 - Die 7 Toccaten für Clavier BWV 910-916 zählen zu seinen

Johann Sebastian Bach's seven Toccatas for Clavier BWV 910-916 count among his most important youth works in which a youthfully stormy, spontaneous creativity (Klaus Wolters) unfolds. Christian Eisert only recently illuminated the confused nature of their transmission - not one autograph for any of the Toccatas has survived - for the first time. His research findings have also become the basis of the present new edition. The oldest sources and those closest to Bach's circle form the basis of this edition's musical text that also includes further earlier versions of BWV 912 and 913. In addition a richly ornamented version of the Toccata BWV 916 is also reproduced enabling insights into performance practice in Bach's day and presenting a welcome enrichment for study and concert purposes.
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ISBN: 9783850550789