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The Greek Fiddler Violin Edition 提琴小提琴 小提琴獨奏 博浩版

$900TWD - $900TWD
$900TWD - $900TWD
編者: Huws Jones, Edward
樂器: violin (2 violins), guitar ad libitum
出版社: Boosey & Hawkes

Preface, notes - Préface, notes - Vorwort, Anmerkungen - Corfu and Cefalonia - The sultan's wife - All the water in the sea - Arcadian dance - The willow tree - Pentozali - Lament - Night calls - The girl from Samos - Karpathian song - Nobody else but me - Zeibekikos - Syrtos - Magkiko - To the ends of the earth - Kozanis

This wonderful addition to the best-selling Fiddler series focuses on the rich, diverse and pure folk tradition of Greece. A wide variety of styles is presented, featuring music from Crete, the Peloponnese, the Balkans, Asia Minor and mainland Greece. Exciting rhythms and interesting modes combine to produce high spirited pieces, some of which will already be familiar to lovers of Greek culture world-wide. The Violin Edition offers flexible arrangements for violin solo or two violins (second violin part is very easy), as well as chord symbols for a guitar accompaniment. In addition the Complete Edition also contains a piano accompaniment.
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ISBN: 9780851625683
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