The Early Music Fiddler Complete Edition 早期音樂 小提琴獨奏 博浩版

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$1,250TWD - $1,250TWD

我們並不一定認為小提琴是一種早期音樂樂器,但事實上,小提琴在 1500 年後不久,在音樂復興的早期,就以我們今天所熟知的形式發展起來了。本選集中的大部分音樂都與絃樂器有一定的聯繫,要麼是小提琴本身,要麼是其前身之一,如雷貝克琴、中世紀提琴或小提琴。值得注意的是,所有樂曲似乎都完全適合小提琴演奏,當然,演奏者自身的活力和熱情遠比歷史的準確性更重要。為更高級的演奏者提供了小提琴伴奏。鋼琴伴奏可在各種鍵盤樂器上演奏。大鍵琴或管風琴/或電子鍵盤上的類似音色/效果都很好,尤其是文藝復興時期的樂曲。所有早期的中世紀樂曲都是以單一旋律線的形式流傳下來的,因此伴奏可以自由編排,通常以ostinati為基礎。但是,如果演奏者加入自己的伴奏和/或打擊樂,這些曲調也能演奏得很好。對於後來的曲調,我們知道文藝復興時期的音樂家們喜歡在著名的曲調上即興創作變奏曲或 "分部曲"。這裡提供了一些建議,但我們始終鼓勵演奏者創作自己的曲調!現在,傳統小提琴曲目的全部內容都唾手可得!利用這些豐富的曲集,您可以創建自己的小提琴聚會、穀倉舞會、爵士俱樂部、塞拉耶佛街頭咖啡館或吉普賽聚會。這些音樂有的耳熟能詳,有的更具異國情調,但都絕對真實,編排忠實,最重要的是,非常令人愉悅。該系列中的每個曲目都有兩種格式:小提琴版(可選簡易小提琴部分和吉他和絃);或完整版,其中還包括鍵盤和小提琴伴奏。無論哪種形式都非常靈活,這意味著樂曲可以作為獨奏、二重奏或三重奏演奏,也可以與更大的樂隊合奏。在每本書中,他都會解釋特定音樂風格的背景,並為生動的演奏提出自己的建議。為了説明重現音樂的精神,叢書中的每本書都配有精美的插圖"

編者: Huws Jones, Edward
樂器: violin (2 violins) and piano, guitar ad libitum
出版社: Boosey & Hawkes

Medieval songs and dances:English dance (13th century English) - Estampie royale (13th century French) - L’homme armé (15th century French) - N. von Reuenthal: Winder wie ist - Saltarello (14th century Italian)Music at court:G. Dufay: J’ay mis mon cuer - G. Dufay: Par le regard de vos beaux yeux - attrib. Henry VIII: Pastime with good company - attrib. Henry VIII: Hélas madame - D. Ortiz: Recercada Renaissance popular music:Ach Els’lein, liebstes Elselein (15th century German) - La gamba (16th century Italian) - Calata (16th century Italian) - Kemp’s jig (16th century English) - Watkins’ ale (16th century English)The renaissance dance-band:T. Susato: Ronde: Pour quoy - T. Susato: La morisque - C. Gervaise: Pavane: La Venissienne - M. Praetorius: La Bourée - M. Praetorius: Gaillarde: Mrs Winter’s jump

Here is a collection which spans four centuries and more than five countries - some vibrant threads from the rich tapestry of early music.We don't necessarily think of the violin as an early music instrument but in fact it evolved soon after 1500, during the early years of the musical renaissance, in a form more or less as we know it today. Most of the music in this anthology has some connection with stringed instruments, either the violin itself or one of its forerunners such as the rebec, medieval fiddle or viol. Significantly, all the pieces seem totally at home on the violin / and of course the player's own vitality and enthusiasm are far more important than historical accuracy.The arrangements in this collection can be performed as solos, duets, trios or by larger ensembles. Violin accompaniments for the more advanced player are given. The piano accompaniments can be played on a variety of keyboard instruments. Harpsichord or organ / or similar sounds on an electronic keyboard / work well, particularly in the renaissance pieces. All the earlier, medieval pieces have come down to us as a single melodic line, so the accompaniments have been freely arranged, usually based on ostinati. But the tunes can work just as well with the players adding their own drones and/or percussion. With the later tunes, we know that renaissance musicians loved to improvise variations or 'divisions' on well known tunes. Some are suggested here, but performers are always encouraged to create their own!The full range of traditional fiddle repertoire is now at your fingertips! Using these generous collections, you can create your own ceilidh, barn dance, jazz club, Sarajevo street-café or Gypsy gathering. Some of this music is familiar, some more exotic, but all of it is absolutely authentic, faithfully arranged and, above all, hugely enjoyable.Each title in the series is available in two formats: the violin edition (with an optional easy violin part and guitar chord); or the complete edition, which also includes both keyboard and violin accompaniments. Either format is hugely flexible, which means the music can be played as solos, duets or trios as well as with larger ensembles.Edward Huws Jones has travelled extensively researching fiddle-playing traditions. In each book he explains the background of the particular musical style, giving his own suggestions for a lively performance. And to help recreate the spirit of the music, every book in the series is beautifully illustrated.
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