Tanz for cello solo 彭德瑞茲基 大提琴 大提琴獨奏 朔特版 跳至内容

Tanz for cello solo 彭德瑞茲基 大提琴 大提琴獨奏 朔特版

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$330TWD - $330TWD
作曲家: Penderecki, Krzysztof
樂器: cello
出版社: Schott Music
This charming little piece for solo violoncello was originally written as a present for a young violin pupil. It is well suited as an encore piece. The imploring and archaic-daring dance offers the performers all sorts of effective possibilities to shine in disciplines such as sense of rhythm, verve, agogics and attack. Penderecki created this energetic piece which can be placed somewhere between arabesque, character piece and study and in which one thinks to hear flashes of Bach and Shostakovich.
頁數: 4
重量(g): 50
ISMN: 9790001160735