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Sonata 奏鳴曲 長笛加鋼琴 齊默爾曼版

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作曲家: Finkbeiner, Reinhold
校訂者: Breidenbach, Ernst
樂器: flute and piano (or Hammerpiano)
出版社: Musikverlag Zimmermann
The Composer and Organist Reinhold Finkbeiner was born 1929 in Stuttgart. His catalogue of works contains more than 70 compositions, whereof the works for organ make out the biggest part. The sonata for flute and piano was already written 1953 and was first performed by Jens Josef and Ernsta Breidenbach on 18th February 2004 in Darmstadt. The flutist Jens Josef writes in the preface of this edition: Through the intense and intricate contrapuntal work, which lends the Sonata the feeling of constant flux, the composer is able to allow his melodic themes and motives to continually shine through by using often quite subtle changes of rhythmic accent, thus keeping them ever new and fresh. Despite the very dense and complex texture of the music, the Sonata is always very transparent in timbre and also very idiomatically written for the flute. ... The classical qualities of the flute – grace, virtuosity and a smooth sound – are all given ample space, but they are here confronted with a complex musical texture and quite a unique sense of humor. This mixture is without question a very special and very individual quality in this work.
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