Sonata 勞塔瓦拉 奏鳴曲 大提琴加鋼琴 芬尼卡·蓋爾曼版 跳至内容

Sonata 勞塔瓦拉 奏鳴曲 大提琴加鋼琴 芬尼卡·蓋爾曼版

$1,830TWD - $1,830TWD
$1,830TWD - $1,830TWD
作曲家: Rautavaara, Einojuhani
樂器: cello and piano
出版社: Fennica Gehrman
Rautavaara made early sketches for his Cello Sonata in 1974, but did not complete it until 1991. The opening movement is a dramatic dialogue between the two instruments, created around symmetrical melodic and harmonic figures. The second movement opens with a cello solo in which a twelve-note row is subjected to abundant note-repetitions. The finale starts from peaceful beginnings, gathers tempo but recedes into the original shades of the opening dialogue.
頁數: 23
重量(g): 160
ISMN: 9790042077672