Right from the Start 20 very elementary pieces for young players 小品 低音 跳至内容

Right from the Start 20 very elementary pieces for young players 小品 低音大提琴加鋼琴 博浩版

$380TWD - $380TWD
$380TWD - $380TWD
編者: Nelson, Sheila Mary
校訂者: Elliott, Catherine
樂器: double bass and piano
出版社: Boosey & Hawkes

Ann, Dan and Egbert - Cowboy Tune - Don't Bother Me - Fiddler's Fancy - G-String George - George Got out of Bed Too Late - Holiday - I've Got a Fivepence - Jonathan Rat - Late for School - Lazy Song - Lullaby - Over the Water - Rainy Day - Ringing Bell - Sail in a Pail - Swing Boats - The Centipede - Three in a Bar - The Worm

Twenty very elementary pieces for young players written and arranged by the world's favourite string teacher Sheila Nelson. Note reading is introduced one finger at a time, building up finger pattern 0-1-23-4 (semitone space between 2nd and 3rd fingers) - the only finger pattern used in this book. A number of rhythmic bowing patterns, set out at the beginning of the book may be practised on any of the earlier tunes once they have been memorised. The rhythms are assimilated by the pupil with the aid of strongly rhythmic, easily memorable words. All the tunes can be sung to the verses provided, in order to develop a secure sense of rhythm and pitch. Pupils learn right from the start to move freely from string to string, to play with confidence and to pay close attention to pitch.
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