Practising Etudes The Basics of Cello Technique in Selected Etudes 練習曲 跳至内容

Practising Etudes The Basics of Cello Technique in Selected Etudes 練習曲 大提琴 練習曲 大提琴練習曲 朔特版

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$1,280TWD - $1,280TWD
作曲家: Mantel, Gerhard
樂器: cello
出版社: Schott Music

Introduction: Practice and Training - Fingerboard Orientation - Fluency - Shifts - Vibrato - Trills - Thumb Position: Distance Thumb 3rd Finger - String Crossings in the Left Had - Double Stops - Octaves - Fingerings - Whole Bow Stroke, Force Progression - Dynamics - Articulation - Bowing Patterns - Legato - String Crossing - Arpeggios - Chords - Martellato - Staccato - Spiccato - Change of Rhythm - Summary

Studies play an important role in musical instrument training. Gerhard Mantel's new edition 'Etüden üben' [Practising studies] (3 volumes) complements his previous successful book 'Cello üben' (ED 8714). The basics of cello technique are worked on in selected studies, with the focus being not only on the ability to learn a technically and musically oriented text within a reasonable time but also on the solution of certain problems typical of the cello. Vol. 1 covers aspects ranging from the orientation on the fingerboard via changes of position, vibrato and trills to changes of strings and double stops. Vol. 2 deals with fingerings, whole-bow stroke, dynamics, articulation and types of bowing, among others. The final volume contains studies on legato, arpeggios, chords, martellato, staccato, spiccato and changes of rhythm. The accompanying volume of commentaries (for all three volumes) describes in detail the methodological practising processes.
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