Pieces from the Nannerl Music Book Edited from the sources and provide

Pieces from the Nannerl Music Book Edited from the sources and provided with fingered by Ulrich Leisinger. Completion to the fragmentary piece K 9b by Robert D. Levin. 莫札特 小品 小品 鋼琴獨奏 維也納原典版

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$480TWD - $480TWD
作曲家: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
編者: Leisinger, Ulrich
校訂者: Leisinger, Ulrich
樂器: piano
出版社: Wiener Urtext Edition

Andante KV 1a - Allegro KV 1b - Allegro KV 1c - Menuett KV 1d - Menuett KV 1e - Menuett KV 1f - Menuett KV 2 - Allegro KV 3 - Menuett KV 4 - Menuett KV 5 - Allegro KV 6/1 - Andante KV 6/2 - Menuett KV 6/3, I - Menuett KV 6/3, II - Menuett KV 7/3, I - Allegro KV 8/1 - Klavierstück KV 9a - Klavierstück KV 9b

At the age of four, Mozart astounded his father with his understanding of the piano. His first works were simple dance settings written when he was five, at which point his musical abilities were developing at a tremendous speed. The earliest pieces are recorded in the music book for Maria Anna Mozart, the so-called 'Nannerl-Notenbuch'. These pieces are ideal for elementary teaching. Apart from the popular minuets which form part of every piano beginner's repertoire, the edition also contains expanded individual settings such as the fragmentary piano piece in B flat major, KV 9b, made playable by Robert D. Levin's edition and thus becoming a valuable addition to the teaching literature.
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