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Patina 大提琴獨奏 柏特-柏克版

$600TWD - $600TWD
$600TWD - $600TWD
作曲家: Kats-Chernin, Elena
樂器: cello
出版社: Bote & Bock
Composer’s note:“Patina was originally written for violinist Jane Peters, premiered in a concert along Bach’s famous Chaconne. I felt like writing a piece that would evoke the past repertoire played on the violin (now a cello solo as well), how much this instrument has seen/heard and how it has left a mark on its DNA-much like patina on the wood of the instrument. I wanted the beginning to sound like a memory of the past coming back in very tentative fragmented pizzicato chord sequences, growing into a more pronounced melodic material, like seeing into the future/present. There are glimpses of ragtime and other contrasting materials, there is something kaleidoscopic about this piece. This version for cello has been created for Molly Kadarauch.Elena Kats-Chernin
頁數: 8
重量(g): 0
ISMN: 9790202535899
ISBN: 9783793142867