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Mouvements 大提琴加鋼琴 柏特-柏克版

$1,930TWD - $1,930TWD
$1,930TWD - $1,930TWD
作曲家: Hoeller, York
樂器: cello and piano
出版社: Bote & Bock

Entrée - Pas de deux - Interlude - Finale

Commissioned by the NDR, Höller wrote an imaginary dance piece in four movements the sketchy elegance of which is reminiscent of ballet scenes by Edgar Degas. Adrian Brendel (violoncello) and Christof Hahn (piano) managed to turn Höller's music cataracts into dance characters in such a vivid way that the listener thought to attend a choreographic suite by Pina Bausch.'Lutz Lesle (Welt, 21.02.2011)An almost classically structured sonata for violoncello and piano of great transparency and refined harmony. New music that reaches and captures the audience immediately.Composed in 2010, 'Mouvents' was premiered by Adrian Brendel (violoncello) and Christof Hahn (piano) at the Rolf Liebermann Studio of the NDR Hamburg on 19 February 2011.
頁數: 72
重量(g): 280
ISMN: 9790202532522
ISBN: 9783793140351
UPC: 888680026097