Mikrokosmos Band 1 (Vol. 1 & 2) Edited from the sources by Michael Kub

Mikrokosmos Band 1 (Vol. 1 & 2) Edited from the sources by Michael Kube and Jochen Reutter. Fingerings : Béla Bartók. Notes on Study and Interpretation by Peter Roggenkamp. 巴爾托克 小宇宙 音符 詮釋 鋼琴獨奏 維也納原典版

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作曲家: Bartok, Bela
編者: Kube, Michael / Reutter, Jochen
校訂者: Bartok, Bela
樂器: piano
出版社: Wiener Urtext Edition

Six Unison Melodies - Dotted Notes - Repetition - Syncopation - With Alternate Hands - Parallel Motion - Reflection - Change of Position - Question and Answer - Village song - Parallel Motion and Change of Postion - Contrary Morion - Four Unison Melodies - Imitation and Counterpoint - Imitation and Inversion 1 and 2 - Repetition - Syncoparion - Canon at the Octave - Imitation Reflected - Canon at the Lower Fourth - Little Dance in Canon Form - In Dorian Mode - Slow Dance - In Phrygian Mode - Chorale - Free Danon - Appendix: Exercises - Facsimile - In Lydian Mode - Staccato and Legato 1 and 2 - In Yugoslav Mode - Melody with Accompaniment - Accompaniment in Broken Triads - In Hungarian Style - Contrary Motion - Meditation - Increasing - Big Fair - In Mixolydian Mode - Crescendo-Diminuendo - Menuetto - Waves - Unison Divided - In Transylvanian Style - Chromatic - Triplet in Lydian Mode - Melody in Tenths - Accents - In Oriental Style - Major and Minor - Canon with Sustained Notes - Pentatonic Melody - Minor Sixths in Parallel Motion - Buzzing - Line versus Point - Dialogue - Melody Divided - Appendix: Exercises - Appendix A: Special Versions for Péter Bartók: Waves - In Transylvanin Style - In Oriental Style - Appendix B: Unpublished Pieces from Mikrokosmos - Béla Bartók's Comments - Notes on Study and Interpretation - Glossary - Critical Notes

Béla Bartók's Mikrokosmos is one of the key works of 20th-century piano music. The repertoire comprises educational pieces 'from the very first beginning' as well as concert literature, thus making this work an indispensable companion to piano lessons. The work is now available for the first time as urtext edition in three volumes, with each volume containing two of the six volumes of the original edition. The musical text was critically examined on the basis of the sources and could be corrected in many details. Furthermore, the edition contains some previously unpublished pieces and early versions. Educationally very revealing are the versions of several pieces which Bartók arranged specially for the lessons of his son Peter and which are printed in the appendix of the volumes. The edition is completed by notes on study and interpretation based on the sources and a glossary of unusual expression markings.
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