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Kyrie eleison for cello 大提琴 大提琴獨奏

$930TWD - $930TWD
$930TWD - $930TWD
作曲家: Raskatov, Alexander
樂器: cello (with singing and whistling)
出版社: M.P. Belaieff Musikverlag

Sostenuto; ritmico - Quasi improvisato. Lamentoso - Chiaro

This composition not only demands extremely high technical skills of the cellist, but also a special ability of expression which reflects the spiritual message of the piece: By thinking, feeling, speaking, humming the words 'Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison' during the cello playing, which often has a percussive character too, music and text, musician and instrument (with voice and bow) fuse into an intimate unity.
頁數: 24
重量(g): 120
ISMN: 9790203004882