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Jazz Sonata 爵士音樂奏鳴曲 大提琴加鋼琴 朔特版

$1,230TWD - $1,230TWD
$1,230TWD - $1,230TWD
作曲家: Amanti, Lucio Franco
樂器: cello and piano
出版社: Schott Music

Prolog: Coltraining - Bossa Nova: Nic's Finki shoes - Ballad - ThenGo!

After 'Jazz Suite' for solo violoncello (Schott, CB 224), the Italian cellist and jazz musician Lucio Amanti explores the possibilities of jazz music on the cello in this sonata with piano accompaniment. He wants to offer new ways and styles to cellists coming from the classical tradition. This is why this piece is also based on his own improvisations united in form of a sonata. The result is an interesting crossover effect between jazz music and traditional sonata form, a rewarding concert piece with many different characters and ingredients: a bit of bebop, a touch of Latin and tango, some cool jazz, a hint of Stravinsky and much more. All these elements are treated equally and make this jazz sonata a suitable piece for the concert hall and the jazz club alike. An interesting addition to the repertoire for open-minded cellists.
頁數: 56
重量(g): 240
ISMN: 9790001176019
ISBN: 9783795745325
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