Jazz Sonata 羅森布拉特.亞歷山大 爵士音樂奏鳴曲 大提琴加鋼琴 朔特版 跳至内容

Jazz Sonata 羅森布拉特.亞歷山大 爵士音樂奏鳴曲 大提琴加鋼琴 朔特版

$1,030TWD - $1,030TWD
$1,030TWD - $1,030TWD
作曲家: Rosenblatt, Alexander
樂器: cello and piano
出版社: Schott Music
Alexander Rosenblatt, born in Moscow in 1956, completed his piano and composition studies at the renowned conservatoire of his home town. In his compositions, he combines classical elements with jazz elements to form an original blend of styles, a very characteristic musical language. He made himself a name as a pianist, especially in the piano duo with O. Sinking, a genre which then earned him great success as a creative artist as well: In 2001 he won a special award for his 'Modern Piano Duet' at the International Composition Competition in Tokyo.His violoncello sonata follows the classical steps, with musical greetings to Prokofiev and Shostakovich, its characteristic forward-rushing, impetuous style being interrupted again and again by quieter and more tranquil sections. It is a rewarding, joyful-to-play work for every cello soloist who can choose his accompaniment: piano or accordion!
頁數: 44
重量(g): 200
ISMN: 9790001174985