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Flibbertigibbets op. 5 大提琴 3把以上 朔特版

$1,150TWD - $1,150TWD
$1,150TWD - $1,150TWD
作曲家: Noack, Kurt
校訂者: Birtel, Wolfgang
樂器: 4 cellos
出版社: Schott Music
The only work still known today by Noack, 'Heinzelmännchens Wachtparade' [Parade of the Brownies] Op. 5 was called a 'character piece' by the composer himself, and this 'marche en miniature' conveys wit and good humour from the beginning; you can immediately imagine a picture of the brownies tripping along! The second part of the trio offers an ironical and very effectie ending with its enticing harmonies and surprising effects.
頁數: 28
重量(g): 120
ISMN: 9790001147859