Epitaphium (L. B.) 席威斯特洛夫 墓誌銘 大提琴加鋼琴 跳至内容

Epitaphium (L. B.) 席威斯特洛夫 墓誌銘 大提琴加鋼琴

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$680TWD - $680TWD
作曲家: Silvestrov, Valentin
樂器: viola (cello) and piano
出版社: M.P. Belaieff Musikverlag
This music was created in memory of Larissa Bondarenko, the late wife of the composer. The work is a hybrid combination of strophic lied form and Baroque lamento (more or less chaconne). The exquisite chromatic idiom is closely related to the 'Requiem for Larissa' (1997/99) composed in parallel.
頁數: 18
重量(g): 80
ISMN: 9790203003953