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Easy Concert Pieces Band 2 24 Easy Pieces from 5 Centuries using half to 3rd Position 音樂會小品 小品 把位 低音大提琴加鋼琴 朔特版

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$930TWD - $930TWD
編者: Mohrs, Charlotte
樂器: double bass and piano
出版社: Schott Music

C. Simpson: Divisions I and II - C. Vietórisz: Chorea hungarica - A. Corelli: Largo affetuoso - P. de Paepen: Loure - J.S. Bach: Aria from Peasant Cantata - E.P. Chédeville: Rigaudon - J. Haydn: Andante from The Surprise Symphony - W.A. Mozart: German Dance KV 600, No. 2 - J. Reinagle: Andante - Traditional: Sailor's Hornpipe - D. Dragonetti: Waltz - G. Bottesini: Two Easy Pieces (Adagio/Allegretto) - G. Bottesini: Two Miniatures (Allegretto/Lento) - P.I. Tschaikowsky: Marsh from The Nutcracker - G. Laska: Elégie - A. Gretchaninoff: Burlesque - A. Gretchaninoff: Thieves and Policeman - B. Bartók: Round Dance - P. Hindemith: Easy Piece - H. Regner: Please Don't Stumble - D. Kemminer: Happy New Year - C. Mohrs: Dance of the Forest Fairy

The Easy Concert Pieces series features easy to moderately difficult works for double bass with piano accompaniment. Ordered by difficulty in three volumes, the pieces are suitable for auditions, competitions or exams. The series contains original works by Bottesini, Dragonetti, Gretchaninoff, Hindemith, Laska, Regner, Reinagle, Teppo Hauta-aho and others as well as orchestral excerpts by Beethoven, Dvorak, Haydn, Mahler and arrangements of famous classical masterpieces. All pieces are included on the accompanying CD, as a full version and as a piano accompaniment.Volume 2 (easy to intermediate) contains pieces up to the 3rd position. As some new double bass tutors have a different approach in introducing position changes, volume 2 offers several pieces which reach the 2nd position, some pieces using only 1st and 3rd positions and some more difficult pieces which encompass all positions from half to third position.Volume 3 in preparation.
頁數: 64
重量(g): 280
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ISBN: 9783795710569