Concerto 協奏曲 大提琴 3把以上 芬尼卡·蓋爾曼版 跳至内容

Concerto 協奏曲 大提琴 3把以上 芬尼卡·蓋爾曼版

$2,030TWD - $2,030TWD
$2,030TWD - $2,030TWD
作曲家: Englund, Einar
樂器: 12 cellos
出版社: Fennica Gehrman

Intrada - Adagio - Scherzo - Marcia funerale - Finale

Although the Concerto for 12 Cellos is unique for Englund in its choice of instruments, it constitutes an excellent vantage point from which to survey his music. For in addition to being one of Englund's finest, most expressive works, it serves as a synthesis of the main genres favoured by him in its integration of the orchestral, concerto and chamber dimensions. A group of twelve cellos produces a homogeneous sound that is nevertheless rich in potential. In this concerto the spectrum ranges from a full-bodied orchestral timbre to pure, translucent chamber writing.
頁數: 140
重量(g): 310
ISMN: 9790042087480