Big Beats R & B Ripple 節奏與藍調 小提琴獨奏 博浩版 跳至内容

Big Beats R & B Ripple 節奏與藍調 小提琴獨奏 博浩版

$780TWD - $780TWD
$780TWD - $780TWD
作曲家: Norton, Christopher
樂器: violin
出版社: Boosey & Hawkes

Backlash - Deep in Thought - In a Dream - In Circles - Lovesick - One Night - Pulse Rate - Steadicam - Struttin' the Stuff - Taking Flight

Easy solo pieces in pop styles with state of the art CD accompaniments. Play the solo piece straight, or add the backing tracks and enter a whole new world of sound. Chris Norton does it again with his unique blend of traditional technique with popular styles. Students will learn all about technique - rhythm, co-ordination and listening, but they'll be having so much fun, they won't know they're doing it! Big Beats is available in six great-tasting flavours. 'Microjazz for the next generation, more dramatic, more interactive. It looks and sounds great - another surefire success' (Piano Magazine, December 2001)
頁數: 12
重量(g): 130
ISMN: 9790060114090
ISBN: 9780851623665
UPC: 73999586152