Mikrokosmos 3 (Vol. 5 & 6) *鋼琴國小、國中第二首

Mikrokosmos 3 (Vol. 5 & 6) *鋼琴國小、國中第二首

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作者: Béla Bartók

校訂者: Jochen Reutter, Michael Kube

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裝訂: Sheet music

尺寸: 23 × 30.5 cm

語言: French, German, English

- Chords Together and Opposed - Staccato and Legato - Staccato - Boating - Change of Time - New Hungarian Folk Song - Peasant Dance - Alternating Thirds - Village Joke - Fourths - Major Seconds Broken and Together - Syncopation - Studies in Doube Notes - Perpetuum Mobile - Whole-tone Scale - Unison - Bagpipe-Music - Merry Andrew - Free Variations - Subject and Reflection - From the Diary of a Fly - Divided Arpeggios - Minor Seconds, Major Sevenths -Chromatic Invention - Ostinato - March - Six Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm - Appendis: Early Versions: Chromatic Invention - March - Béla Bartók´s Comments - Notes on Study and Interpretation - Glossar - Critical Notes

原文簡介: Edited from the sources by Michael Kube and Jochen Reutter. Fingerings : Béla Bartók. Notes on Study and Interpretation by Peter Roggenkamp. Béla Bartók´s Mikrokosmos is one of the key works of 20th-century piano music. The repertoire comprises educational pieces ´from the very first beginning´ aswell as concert literature, thus making this work an indispensable companion to piano lessons. The work is now available for the first time as urtext edition in three volumes, with each volume containing two of the six volumes of the original edition. The musical text was critically examined on thebasis of the sources and could be corrected in many details. Furthermore, the edition contains somepreviously unpublished pieces and early versions. Educationally very revealing are the versions of several pieces which Bartók arranged specially for the lessons of his son Peter and which are printed in the appendix of the volumes. The edition is completed by notes on study and interpretation based on the sources and a glossary of unusual expression markings.