15 Virtuoso Studies op. 72 莫什科夫斯基 鋼琴練習曲 朔特版

15 Virtuoso Studies op. 72 莫什科夫斯基 鋼琴練習曲 朔特版

來自 Schott Music
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$980TWD - $980TWD
作曲家: Moszkowski, Moritz
編者: Marguerre, Philipp
樂器: piano
出版社: Schott Music

No. 1 E major - No. 2 G minor - No. 3 G major - No. 4 C major - No. 5 C major - No. 6 F major - No. 7 E flat major - No. 8 C major - No. 9 D minor - No. 10 C major - No. 11 A flat major - No. 12 D flat major - No. 13 A flat minor - No. 14 C minor - No. 15 B major

Moszkowski's Studies Op. 72 are among the standard works of medium difficulty. Due to their wide-ranging tasks, they appeal to a wide range of advanced piano pupils. The 15 studies are arranged in an ascending order of difficulty and deal with various technical aspects, from scales and triplets to two-part texture in one hand, all of which are listed in detail in the index. All studies are characterized by a good piano setting and a manageable length which facilitate concentrated practising. A new edition in the well-known 'Essential Exercises' series with practical tips for piano lessons.
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